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About me

When I was in Kindergarten my Grandfather left this world for the next and it was in his time of transformation did my little mind realize that we are never alone, for they really never leave us.  Being able to grow up in a supportive and open-minded family I learned quickly to challenge all “normal” ways of thinking. I jump from religion to religion trying to find an answer that truly fit my souls understanding. It was not until I was 30 did, I find it.

I came to the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism through a girl’s road trip to Lily Dale NY. It was there that I witnessed the communication with those in Spirit as a scared, comforting, and normal way to communicate and stay connected to those in heaven. I then realized that communicating with my grandfather all these years was just
as real in this world as it was in my mind.

After returning from this trip I jumped into my development of Mediumship and took many classes with amazing teachers, reading hundreds of books, joining a Spiritualist church, and becoming a student at the Morris Pratt Institute (Americas Spiritualist College). All of this education led me to a deeper understanding of many spiritual ways and paths, living a lifestyle based on Spiritual and Physical Natural Laws, and honoring the communication from those in the world of Spirit as an expression of love.

I am now an Ordained Spiritualist Minster, Spiritualist Teacher, Medium and Healer. Most importantly I am a spiritual being having a human experience and I am passionate about sharing what I have learned and continue to learn from my development with Spirit.

My favorite question is: Now what? That answer will be different for every single person, even though we are all connected, we have an obligation to ourselves to live the best life we can. How do we live the best possible life for ourselves? By becoming aware and living in harmony with our soul. My passion for helping people and my belief in eternal souls led me to Spiritualism. It is in this that I found my passion for helping others get in touch with their souls. If you have questions or feel that there is something, I could help you with please feel free to reach out and let us cross paths in this journey called life.

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