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"Stacy is an excellent Spiritualist teacher, medium, and minister!!! As a teacher she’s encouraging, knowledgeable, and creative; as a medium, she’s evidential, precise, and compassionate; and as a minister, she’s considerate, straightforward, and consistent. I’m grateful to have had a reading from Stacy as well as to have participated in her workshops and classes." ❤️ Alexandra


"Stacy is an excellent teacher and medium. Her Zoom classes make it possible to learn so much without having to travel to Wisconsin. The love and kindness she sends out along with the knowledge makes the classes priceless!" Ken


"I am so deeply grateful for Stacy and her willingness to be a beautiful intermediary allowing the loving grace of the divine to flow through her. I have been to a lot of psychic medium’s and I have to say that Stacy is the real deal. The guidance that came through for me was expansive and uplifting, the best barometer for Truth. Stacy is a gem."


"Stacy shares her firsthand experience and knowledge of the spiritual realm in a “down-to-earth“ manner. She is truly authentic; sincere in her passion to share her tools for knowing and acknowledging Spirit. Participating in her Zoom classes, I have the good fortune to watch her work. She not only brings in Spirit “for reals!” when she is just giving an example using one of us students, but has also enabled us to do the same. Her gentle and supportive inner spirit nudges us to ask questions of Spirit, to listen to the answers, so that we may grow and glow in our development.

Humorous yet respectful, Stacy shares her personal experiences and great wealth of information to both “newbies” and more developed students. Stacy is fascinating to listen to, to learn from and to talk with, as well. She will feel like an old friend as well as your Master Teacher.

From her amazingly detailed readings and messages in class, to her natural unfoldment of teaching you ways to connect to Spirit, Stacy Schuerman is the right person to have in your realm!"

Thank you, Stacy!🙏🙏🙏

"Stop reading the reviews and sign up now! You will never regret taking a class, sitting for a reading, or working independently with Stacy for your own wonderings, connections, or individual gift development. Stacy’s extensive knowledge is out-paced only by her enthusiasm, curiosity, and delight in seeing others come to understand themselves and their world more deeply. I can truly say that a spur of the moment decision to stay for a presentation by Stacy changed my life in ways I never would have predicted, nor accepted, before that moment. And words alone will ever be enough to express my gratitude for that class, and every class since then, that have helped me move towards a path that is bringing me happiness that I couldn’t have imaged only a few years ago."--- Jenny

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