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On this page you find any upcoming retreats I have organized! 

Also if you have any ideas for a retreat  let's chat!

Finding the Peace and Flow of Life through your Trauma and Grief Retreat Weekend
JUL 8 AT 5 PM – JUL 10 AT 12 PM

Are you struggling to stay afloat questioning life's meaning after loss? Do you feel like you are wandering the wilderness of grief, craving joy but don't know what joy looks like? Are you feeling like grief is consuming you? Perhaps you may be hindering your heart by living in your mind as it continues to circle the past or future.

We all experience many griefs throughout life. Grief is not always the loss of a loved one, though it is one of the strongest emotions that can impact us. Divorce, accidents, loss of a career, a sudden change of location, family dynamics, and relationship disagreements all impose change and grief on our mind and body. We never get over grief, we go through it. Learning how to work through grief and embracing change is a process that requires kindness, absorption, and acceptance.

In this three-day retreat, we will dive softly into the depths of grief and trauma while discovering tools and ways to address your mind and heart. You will gain insight into how to live fully while embracing grief rather than being consumed by it. We will guide you through ways to discover your inner child, gain alternative perspectives of life and death, and navigate clarity. By creating your own system of support, you will find your own path to living life rather than mourning it. You are worthy of living your best life!

The weekend will offer a fluid opportunity for you to navigate your own journey of grief with the option of participating in group discussions, meditations, a sound bath, creative activities, and one on one grief companionship with plenty of time for fellowship or peaceful solitude.

Upon your arrival on Friday, we will have a meet and greet, a centering circle, and Jessica will approach the topic of trauma and how to release and surrender to your past as you guide your present with love while actively mourning. Saturday morning will begin with a meditation, breakfast, and a discussion about finding your own way through grief by understanding the difference between your heart and mind. During the afternoon, lunch will be provided and Jessica will be available for one on one companionship, while Stacy will facilitate journaling, letter writing, and provide vision boards for you to create. In the evening after dinner we will embrace a time for sharing each other's stories, possibly around a fire, followed by a sound bath. Sunday will begin with a meditation, and breakfast, followed by a discussion about finding the light in you again as we conclude the weekend at noon.

Learning Tarot with award winning tarot author Elliot Adam Retreat
AUG 12 AT 7 PM – AUG 14 AT 12 PM

Learning Tarot the Fearless Way with Award Winning Author Elliot Adam Retreat

Friday August 12 at 5-7 pm
Meet with award-winning tarot author Elliot Adam, as he provides you with an amazing introduction to reading the cards fearlessly. Tarot is a transformative language of symbols that can help you better “Know Thyself” and others. Our Friday night introductory evening will reveal where tarot comes from, how it works, and what you can reasonably expect from a tarot reading. Elliot will share his own journey with the tarot and what it has the power to reveal. We’ll then move on to our first look at our tarot decks and begin practicing with the symbolism, without prior knowledge of the cards’ meaning. Elliot will answer any of your tarot questions and will dispel many common tarot fears and misconceptions. We are going to experiment with tarot in a safe, supportive, and fun space! We’ll also enjoy a bonfire (if weather permits) with drinks and snacks, to get to know each other better!
Saturday August 13
11am-1pm This class will introduce you to the 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana. We’ll learn about the different tarot suits and what they govern, tarot elements, court cards, pip cards, and how to organize this information into a reading that resonates. We will explore hidden symbols found in the cards which will make remembering the card meanings easier.
This “hands on” class will move on to experimenting with the card meanings we learned earlier in the day. We’ll start with our first, simple 3-card tarot spread and learn how to weave the meaning of the cards together. Elliot will also show you how to perform readings by giving several demonstrations. We will explore how to formulate a useful question you can ask the tarot, and how to apply a card’s meaning to a variety of situations. We’ll then break into pairs and rotate to practice with one another. Elliot will be available to guide you when you’re feeling “stuck” in a reading or drawing a blank. We’ll finish up this part of the class by diving into how to handle fears when it comes to reading others.
The evening Saturday class will be a review on what we learned to build-up your confidence with tarot meanings. We’ll start by looking deeper at the imagery, so you can begin to connect the images to real life situations. We’ll then move on to how to deliver the information you are seeing in your cards in a supportive way. There will be plenty of time for fun discussions as we talk about your own insights and answer any questions that may have come up during the day. We will learn the famous ten-card “Celtic Cross Spread,” and will have fun with more practice readings with one another. Elliot will wrap up the day by providing a demonstration on how to give a fast, and accurate tarot reading.
Sunday, August 14th 10am-Noon
Where to go from here… This parting class will provide suggestions on how to continue and deepen your own tarot practice. We will learn about tarot journaling, daily draws, and how to practice readings on yourself, your family, and friends. We will tackle any last challenges you might be experiencing. Everyone is different, and everyone ends up working with the tarot in a unique way. This parting class will allow you to use your own strengths to get the most out of your cards. Elliot will also give every attendee a personalized parting tarot message that you can take with you on your journey.
In this retreat, we focus on individual attention and can have up to 9 people stay with us, more if you are willing to bring a friend and share a queen bed. The cost for this complete weekend is $450.00. This includes lodging, breakfast Saturday and Sunday, lunch Saturday and dinner Saturday evening, all the classes, an autographed copy of the book Fearless Tarot, and a beginner deck. You can purchase the ticket through Eventbrite or contact Stacy at for other payment arrangements. If you would like to stay at a hotel near buy the cost will be $375.00 per person meals will be provided.

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