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Be a Rainbow

The bright blue sky is starting to dim, and the crisp bright palette is now being overtaken by these grey eerie clouds. The noise of the sky is rumbling, soft subtle rumbles start to get louder, demanding, almost violent to the ears. The wind blows stronger and stronger. The tall, strong old wise trees allow their branches to move with the wind. Small drops of water slowly start to release from the clouds making their long journey to earth in such a short time.

More drops start to release themselves from clouds quicker, faster, and harder. The rain is dropping, the winds are whirling, the clouds are clapping loudly as the electric currents cross the sky to find a place to rest on the ground. Now the warm bright sunny day has disappeared and this loud, chaotic, messy storm has moved in to do some damage to the place in which we stand. The sky clashes as the thunderstorm rolls…. It seems as if we are stuck in this torrential storm. So, we seek to go inside to find security. Then we wait. It might seem forever for the noises to roll past, the lightning to stop and the raindrops to slow. Slowly the clouds begin to break and the sun starts to shine. Across the picture screen of nature the rainbow forms. Those beautiful transparent colors streak across your vision. What a beautiful scene and it vibrates with peace and love. You can be that rainbow. Through all of this life experience, we are going to have storms pop up on our sunny days. How we handle it will be how we get through it. Be a rainbow. Let us look now on how to do that. Red is a bold and powerful color it starts the array of colors. Allow the energy of red to be absorbed in your energy. Feel the color as it brings your awareness to this moment. A sense of now, a feeling of feet planted in this human experience of life. Feel the boldness of red, the power of self-knowing, you are here and you are present. Now let the crisp, bright orange streak across the sky reach you and become absorbed in the color. Orange energy is one of creativity, one of wonder and curiosity, it brings a sense of exploration for one's self on all levels. Absorb this energy and feel it is you become even more aware of yourself and the things you want to learn and be. As you bask in creativity and ideas, you now notice the color of yellow streak across the sky wanting its part in this rainbow you are becoming. Feel this bright and sharp energy of yellow, as your energy reaches out to meet it. As you start to absorb this yellow energy you notice the confidence and self-assurance that comes in the vividness of this color. It is here that you feel secure in self, allowing a healthy balance of self-worth and self-confidence. This yellow energy is bold and solid in its knowing which in turn helps you become the same. As the clarity starts to come you notice now as green streaks across the sky and gently, peacefully approaches you. You feel the warmth of love as this color approaches you. Allow your self to absorb this green making it a part of your rainbow. Your energy now shifts to one of awareness, knowing, being, and feeling. You become peaceful, loving, tolerant, and compassionate in this color. Notice how wonderful, open, and connected you start to feel when becoming the rainbow. Unaware of the color blue approaching as you are in such a peaceful state, you welcome the boldness of this deep blue. This color brings the energy of clear, meaningful, expression of truth. It is here you see that communication with self and others is important. You bask in the newfound clear way to communicate your truth and understanding. Notice now how the colors that you already absorb easily embrace the boldness of blue. As your attention returns to the sky, lightly the raindrops fall, you notice the lightness of indigo moving gracefully to reach you. The energy of this color is light, easy, and wonderful to absorb, it is like the soul already knows and loves this color. Your spiritual awareness is more aware as it absorbs this indigo energy. Your thoughts and sights become more knowing and clearer in this energy. You know instinctively that in the sky the last color of the rainbow is around you. Violet the color and energy of faith, universal love, oneness with all now connects you with all these colors. You are this rainbow; you are this energy and you are always this energy. As the rain and clouds dissipated in the sky the rainbow has been absorbed by you. You are full of all of these colors equally and balanced. You see we all have great days, good days, average days, cloudy days, stormy days, and severe weather days in our life experiences but it is through the worst days the rainbow will appear to remind us who we are. Be a rainbow!

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