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What Are Doing? Changing, Trying, or Remaining

The start of the New Year reminds us that every day we can make a choice to change, try, or remain. These three choices are presented to us each and every day of our lives. These three choices all have an equal amount of energy with them that can make us feel more joy, love, and adventure in our life. Who does not want to make 2022 one of the best years yet? Personal responsibility is the greatest gift we have in bringing happiness to our lives. When we own our choices, we own our power. When we own our power the only thing that can happen is exactly what we want to happen. If you are ready to kick off this New Year and take back your power then give these exercises a try.

Change is happening every day. We only need to look into the mirror and notice change is always occurring even if we do not notice it. Some days it seems that change is all we can do and other times it may feel as though we are stuck and unmoving. Every day when you wake up say to yourself; “Today I am changing into what I want to be.” Make choices daily to get into the habit of accepting change and seeing change as a positive thing. Change can be unsettling and sometimes downright scary but if you are open to accepting change it can transform into a sense of adventure. If an obstacle should pop up in your day make a conscious thought to embrace the obstacle. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” If we look at something we have no control over and ask this question we can take back our power by responding in a new way. Change can create the lessons we need to become who we want and desire to be.

The act of trying is the energy that we need to adjust to change or bring forth change. When planning your day, week, or month always add trying something new to your list. This can be simply, eating something different, wearing something different, or taking a different way to work. If you are feeling really adventurous try something really outside of your comfort zone such as learning a new skill, language, or joining a group to meet new people. The other thing you can do is look at habits you may have you want to change and instead of doing what you habitually do, try something new. For example, if you find that you want to stop late-night snacking, try meditating instead. These simple things to try can make the biggest difference in becoming who you want to be.

Last is allowing things to remain. Becoming who we want does not happen overnight and I believe that it takes time. Sometimes we just need to be ok with being so-so. Not every day needs to be grand or life-changing. Staying in an emotional state or feeling for a short time is just as important as changing or trying. Remaining in a balanced state can be just as fulfilling as making bold powerful shifts. The saying if it is not broke don’t fix it can be exactly what remaining means. If you have created a place, relationship, or energy that is good for you then allow it to remain.

May you choose all the right avenues for you to become a better you. Also, remember there are three hundred sixty-five days in a year and you can choose at a pace that works for you. May your choices be changing, trying, and remaining.

Many Blessings and Choices!

Stacy Schuerman

Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Medium and Spiritual Healer

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