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Finding a Way as Nature Does

Mother nature is a great example for us to behave as, as the seasons come and go in a smooth transition. As we settle into the month for October, we should focus our attention on the things we have changed and the things we want to change. One thing is also clear that change is always occurring. If we want it to or if we don’t. How do you embrace change and allow it into your life? Here are a few tips on embracing change.

1. Live in the present moment! Easy to say and difficult to do. Remind yourself if you start trying to recreate the past, that the past cannot be changed. Bring your focus to the present moment and ask yourself what little thing can you change today. If your thoughts drift to the future remember that nothing is writing in stone and tomorrow can be different then what you think it may be. So again, bring your focus to the now. What little change can you make now that will help in embracing the change?

2. Breath and Harness Patience! As the leaves slowly change color, remember it takes time to see the difference change can make. We cannot change everything right this minute. Instead, it is subtle steps and many small steps that create big change. So, when you start to feel overwhelmed by all the change, take a deep breath, bring the focus back to the present moment, be kind to yourself and allow yourself to just look at the little step in front of you.

3. Celebrate the little things! Every day you should focus on all the things that you have learned, lived through, and helped others in. When we look at our lives as a whole collective experience and not just the moments that we are unhappy with, we get a sense of appreciation for all that we have evolved into. Celebrate all those little things because that has added up to who you are now! Celebrate the little steps you are taking each day! Do a little dance, have a moment of fun, and celebrate you!

4. Remember Every Day is a New Day! Most importantly remember to be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to have a moment of uncertainty but if you find yourself stuck in the pattern of refusing change go back to step 1. Repeat as often as necessary. Having the ability to admit you have room for change allows you to move into the follow of change. Every day is truly a new opportunity to change something little.

As you go about this month watching the change of season remind yourself that you will allow change into your daily living. Embrace the ease that comes with change as you allow it. Feel the inspiration coming from nature as you observe the color change. May Fall being a sense of peace and release to your life.

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