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Spiritual Independence

We are entering a time where the word freedom has a sense of release and excitement. Coming out of this pandemic, coming into the 4th of July, and the humanitarian work celebrating the freedom to be just as we are should give us a feeling of freedom and self-expression. Are you feeling that freedom or are you feeling overwhelmed as you try to get back to a routine that is comfortable for you? Either answer is correct and it is quite possible that you are feeling both at the same time. When we move into living a more mindful and spiritual life we can tend to get into a sense of uncertainty or unsureness. If that is the case use these few tips to get back to the vibration of happiness and freedom.

Every time you do something throughout your day ask yourself is this enjoyable and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. We have to do things throughout our day that may not be something we enjoy but doing them will helps us accomplish a goal or dream that we are aiming for. So, if that is the case you can find that vibration of freedom in knowing that you are working for the higher goal. If you are doing something that feels as if you are stuck or worse yet miserable, CHANGE IT! We are lucky enough to have the freedom of choice and choose to do the things that make you better.

Embrace the Change. We fight too much not to change. You are changing every day, even if you do notice it. You are not the same person you were yesterday, a year ago or 10 years ago. You have changed physically, mentally, and spiritually. So, why fight the change? Instead look for change as an adventure. Try another way home. Try a new food. Read a book or watch a show that is not “normal” to you. When you try something new you learn something and embrace the vibration of change.

Be kind to yourself and others. All of us are trying our best. Yes, change happens every day, some days it is fast and other days feel slow but it is happening always. You can use this time to enjoy the process, enjoy the little things and enjoy you. Make sure that everyday you schedule a few minutes for just you! Give your self a moment of love and security. Go to a favorite space. Take a few moments to breathe and just feel the vibration of gratitude and peace move in and out your body, just like your breath. Take a few extra minutes in the shower. When you start to feel good about yourself and love yourself more it radiates from you. As you are in a high place of love you give that to everyone around you more. Before you judge someone remind yourself that they to are trying the best they can.

As this summer zips by and freedom rings please remember to appreciate you, your journey and each other.



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