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Bring Peace into your Life!

What is peace?

Peace is a harmony, an energy, calmness, smoothness, quietude, a state of being Peace permeates.

It is an energy that brings calmness into the soul, it soothes the soul, it is like a balm, it causes peaceful feelings.

When one is in a state of peace it is easy just to BE Be the essence of peace and serenity, wholeness, calmness,

It is such a simple thing, a simple level of being and yet so hard to achieve at times like these

Peace – Fullness

Allow your body to be filled with peace, the essence, and the feeling of peace

Aim for this when you meditate, this calm centered feeling

Being at peace should feel easy, no effort, no stress

Peace can permeate many levels, peace can calm and heal

Peacefulness allows healing, nurturing sleep, cessation of worries

It is warm energy which can fill you from head to toe with a sense of relaxation and calmness. It is hard to make war when one is at peace.

Peace can be seen as being passive, non-aggressive, sometimes weak

But true peacefulness can neutralize hatred.

Standing in the power of peace can be a great strengthened, can deflect arrows of harsh words

Peacefulness can be a state of mind as well as a state of heart

A state of peacefulness can be within one and within nations,

Peacefulness can be a great strength; the ability to maintain a peaceful existence.

A peaceful state of being is not necessarily the easy path, It can be a matter of choice, decision, and determination.

It can be seen as neutrality, yet there is more energy in peace.

Peace is stronger, so instead of being in neutrality or non-violence, be in the State of Peace.

Allow this energy to deflect the arrows of negativity, of war, of hatred.

Allow it to permeate into your lives.

Meditating on the state of peacefulness can help you, can empower you, can reap rewards.

A state of peacefulness can fill you up and be all that you need.

Being in a state of peace brings healing both globally and individually.

Experience its essence, its warmth, its calmness, its strength

Surrender to It.


Let the warmth of its energy nurture you, bathe you and fill your heart with love and peacefulness.

St Maria Magdelena de Pazzi

17th Century Carmelite Nun, Florence, Italy

Hard to believe that this was written centuries ago. This poem can relate to much of our lives right now. As Spiritualists, one of the key ingredients to our natural and spiritual laws is one of balance. To have this we need to practice peace in our daily lives. How do we make peace a daily practice in our life? The first is to meditate every day, if even for a few moments. Take the time to center and just breath. Get lost in something you are passionate about. When we do this, we move our attention to the current moment and find a state of peace. Starting your day with a positive affirmation or reading a positive quote will set your intention in a positive motion. Go outside! Spending time in nature is also very grounding and can help you feel more at peace. Take a pause, numerous times a day. If you start to think before you speak, pause before you react, and pause before you decide on something it can bring a decision based on peace and truth and avoiding reacting to emotions. Be kind to yourself and to others! If you can start to put into practice even a few of these steps it will start to add peace and balance to your daily life.

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