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Under All Circumstances Keep an Even Mind

Those are some big words when we look at the philosophical meaning of these words. We can choose to bring these words to life in our everyday world. To do this we must first look at the most important word in this statement which is “even”. What is even? What does it mean to have an even mind? The words that come to mind when we look at the word "even" can be calm, aware, mindful, peaceful, harmony, and above all balanced. Those all sound like spectacular words that we want to create in our daily living, Right? So how do we do that? What steps might we want to take to bring this even mind to us? The first step to anything is a choice. We need to choose to want to bring this into our lives. We find a sense of comfort living in the world in which we have created to define ourselves. For example, are you a person who always have to have a million projects, chores or errands to be done? We tend to create a life of constant motion, constant thoughts, and constant worry. We then start to live in this life and cannot see any other way around it. We program ourselves to always be busy. We can not stand to be still; we have a need to move so we can feel like we are doing something productive and if we do not have something to do, we suffer in anxiety. That does not sound like an even mind does it? We need to make the conscious choice to create an even mind without guilt, unworthiness, or drama. We need to commit to the process. It took months and years to form the need to be always moving so it will take time and commitment to undo the programming. So be kind to yourself but even more be committed to making yourself better. Now that we have the commitment, drive, and motivation lets start with a basic beginning step, BREATHE! How often throughout the day do you breathe and not even pay on thought or attention to it? Focusing on the breath brings a sense of presence, peace, and calmness to you. Every hour find two minutes to pause. Take in a deep breath, hold it so it reaches every part of you, and then release the breath completely. Sometimes just focus on breathing, other times see yourself breathing in peace and out conflict, breathing in balance and out chaos, breathing in harmony and out discord, and breathing in mindfulness and out mind full. This daily technic will start to bring an awareness of “even” to your thoughts and wellbeing. Check back next week to start Step Two of this wonderful process of bring balance to your life.

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