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Where is the Love?

Where is the love? This question might be asked today by many. With everything going on in today's world, locally, nationally, and globally, we really need to pause and look for love, activate the love, and move the love around to everyone and everything. Let us look into the truths of Spiritualism to do this. We know that each and every person, animal, and living being is an expression of God, Infinite Intelligence. We know that this God is an all-powerful collective energy, ever-present and ever moving. We know that through this powerful energy there are laws that move this energy. Undeniable laws, firm in working, never ceasing and never judging. Just simple statements of how this universe functions. We know that energy never stops, it is always moving in a certain frequency, rate, and vibration. We know that the highest vibration on this planet and beyond is the vibration of love. Not the love defined as affection, lust, passion, compassion, and desire but the energy of unconditional love. I am not saying that we should ignore all different types of love. It is wonderful to practice compassion. We need compassion in this world and more importantly, we need compassion for ourselves and others. We should desire things that will make us better people. We might want to lust over a cheesecake! We should lead with passion in the daily doings of our lives. That is what we are here to experience, the earthly emotions of life. Emotions are how we react to a certain situation that we are experiencing. We need to have emotions; we need to express emotions and we need to balance our emotions if we are to live a harmonious life. Emotions are little learning tools in this life. It is wonderful to have emotions that bring you “good feelings” and it is not so wonderful to have the emotions that don’t feel good. Either way, it is not good for us to remain in any emotion for a long period of time. When we sit in a place with our emotional baggage for so long, we start to grow weary, unsatisfied, and tired. We need to be able to change the emotional state to a state of being, a vibrational level of the unconditional love for which we come from and return to. As Spiritual beings, we have the perfect state of being within. You might need to peel back some layers but it is there. I can guarantee that at some point in your life you have felt it, maybe just a few times, maybe weekly or maybe daily. Let us try to reach it now, right at this moment. Take a moment to pause right now. Just allow yourself to be right where you are. Take a few breaths, feel the breath, we forget how wonderful it is to breathe! Notice as you pay attention to this beautiful breath that gives your physical body life, it relaxes and naturally surrenders to the state of relaxation and peace. As your physical body relaxes you sense an awakening from deep within your being, your body. This is where you, the true you, resides, this is where the soul emerges and unfolds like a fresh day. Notice as the soul awakens and stretches across all physical limitations. The soul is not weary, the soul is not sad, the soul is not excited, the soul is not erratic, unstable, or unworthy. Instead, as the soul within you wakens you feel a sense of peace, harmony, understanding, and the start of true unconditional love. Watch it, feel it as your soul, the true essence of you, unfolds and opens to you now. Bask in the vibration of you. Feel that divine spark of God, Infinite Intelligence, the spark of the universal light shines brightly within you. Feel that light as it warms you, offers you all the acceptance, all the unconditional love, makes you feel that you are perfect, whole, worthy, healthy and necessary in this world in which you choose to reside. Let this light, this energy, empower the love within, this ultimate vibration of oneness, of connection, of all life, of everything. Be in the vibration of peace, love, and life. Notice and know that this is part of you, this vibration is you, this vibration is always within you, you can lead a life in this vibration. This is where our light is, this is where we lead in light, become this light, embrace this light, BE the LIGHT! Notice there can be no darkness in this light. Everything is clear when then is light. Everything is connected in this light. This light is the truth, this light is you, this light is love. Be the beacon of light. When you feel this light dim, find it, light it, renew it for it is inside, and can never be extinguished. It is the light and love of eternity. Bring this awareness back with you now. Be the Light of today. Share in this vibration of love! Share your light with all, cast no judgment on love, just be love! Live the law of Love. Be the love you want to see in the world today!

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